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Business Travel

Until about a decade ago, corporate travel programs were exclusive to large companies with multi-million travel budgets. That’s no longer the case anymore.

If a company spends at least $10,000 a year on travel, it can benefit from creating and/or using a corporate travel program. As small- and medium-sized companies realize the importance of managing their travel spending, an increasing number of them are enrolling in corporate travel programs.

More often than not, a growing business will struggle to deploy the most effective travel plans as the sheer volume of bookings to be made starts to exponentially increase. In order to take your business to the next level, travel processes must be streamlined - just like any other aspect of any organisation growth strategy. A business should aim to scale down on unnecessary losses and the inefficiencies of operations. Giving your travel goals as much attention and focus as your other business objectives is a simple way to work towards overarching company objectives.

“Businesses are being smarter now with their travel budget and options,” The comfort and convenience of your regular travellers should always be a top priority but not at the expense of your bottom line. Oversights and overspends on travel requirements can eat into your profit margin, negatively affecting your business. A corporate travel program helps a company monitor not only where it is spending money but also save companies of all sizes significantly. These bottom-line savings can translate to a stronger top line.